Young Sponsored Players of Padel 2014

We introduce to you on this page to Finnish Padel Federation Young Sponsored Players of Padel in 2014 Roope, Juuso, Lauri and Petri. Their mission is as young enthusiastic players to help promote and spread Padel to their age peers throughout Finland.

We chose two pairs for this duty after the Finnish inside court Championships in March 2014. Our goal is to provide these promising players Padel gear sponsorship from among major equipment vendors.

Suomen Padel liiton kummipelaajat Roope Kailaheimo, Juuso Tapanainen, Lauri Lehikoinen, Petri Minkkinen. Keskellä Piukku Kopiloff. Kuva: JK
Finnish Padel Federation young sponsored players Roope Kailaheimo, Juuso Tapanainen, Lauri Lehikoinen, Petri Minkkinen. In the middle Piukku Kopiloff. Picture: Joonas Kupiainen

Without further ado, here are the profiles:


Roope and Juuso played in semifinals of the inside court Championships in March, and were just barely defeated by their opponent. They’ve both found Padel just last year and for these two Capital area players the sky’s the limit!

Roope Kailaheimo

Age: 24 From: Helsinki

I am a 24-year-old Padel player from Helsinki. I got to know Padel for the first time in the summer of 2013, encouraged by my tennis playing friends. My Padel activity has risen little by little from playing once or twice per month to weekly games among good friends. I like Padel because of its social nature, variety of different ways to strike and the huge role of strategy in the game. As inspired by these great experiences with Padel I took part with my pair Juuso Tapanainen in the Finnish inside-court Championships this Spring. Unlike other racquet sports Padel is very fast to learn and it is suited to all sorts of people eager to exercise. As a four person game Padel is a fun way to spend time in good company – it brings a smile to your face while making you work up a sweat. I gladly recommend Padel to all fellow sportsmen and women alike. It challenges you in interesting ways with its wall bounces and intelligent gameplay for years to come! See you at the Padel court, Roope

Juuso Tapanainen

Age: 26 From: Helsinki

Hello all! I am a 26-year-old Padel player originally from Oulu region in Northern Finland who these days lives in Helsinki. I was first introduced to Padel in Summer of 2012 when I tried it a few times with my friends. I got again really into the game in Fall 2013 when me and my tennis buddies decided to start playing Padel more actively. The fact that Padel is a social game, fun to play and the ball races during the game are really long drew me in for good. Nowadays I play Padel every week. My background in tennis has given me a good base for the game, but I still do have some challenges with the amount of strength needed to hit the ball and the bouncing of the ball from the walls. I’ve felt that every time I play Padel I learn something new, which keeps things interesting. In general I do feel Padel does not require a background in any racquet sports. It is suited to all regardless of age or gender. The game has its challenges for both casual and competitive players. I truly recommend everybody to courageously try and take the Padel racquet in hand and come to the courts to play! Padel offers something for all of us. Looking forward to seeing you at the courts, Juuso


This dynamic duo from Jyväskylä in Central Finland displayed an entertaining style of Padel in the Finnish inside court Championships of 2014 in March. These two young men who come from the Padel courts of Killeri sports center have just turned 20. They are future stars of the game, and it is a grand pleasure to watch their growth and smiling faces on the court!

Lauri Lehikoinen

Age: 20 Height: 181 cm Right-handed From: Jyväskylä

I started playing Padel first time in 2010, when the courts in Jyväskylä were being built. The game hooked me immediately with its social characteristics and challenging yet varied gameplay. I have a strong background in various racquet sports so I picked up on the specifics of Padel quite quickly. In the future I hope to be able to practise the sports more so I could compete also abroad. It is my plan to enthusiastically for my part spread Padel among local friends and of course nationally as well! -Lauri

Petri Minkkinen

Age: 20 Height: 175 cm Right-handed From: Jyväskylä

I found Padel in 2009 when I was on a holiday in Spain. It immediately set off a spark in me. When I came back to Finland the construction work for Padel courts in Jyväskylä started. At those courts I found a common new hobby together with my current Padel pair Lauri Lehikoinen. I’ve always preferred team sports so Padel is more enjoyable to me than tennis. As a game Padel is very social, but challenges you with the wall bounces, placement on court and versatile ways to strike the ball. In my circle of friends everyone who has tried Padel have loved it. I’m very much looking forward to the Finnish Padel Championships in Summer 2014 at my home town Jyväskylä. In the future in addition to improving my own gameplay I want to spread the sports further and always have fun on the court! -Petri


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