Kansainväliset kilpailut


1st DPS-Friendly International Tournament, Madrid, Spain https://www.sansetpadel.com/

Categories: Women +40, +45, +50, Men +45, +50, + 55
All age groups and gender will be counted separately (hence 6 different categories) and we will limit the number of teams per category to max. 6 nations (first come, first served). For each category 3 teams (at least 6 players) must be registered. However, it is not necessary that one nation register for all 6 categories.
Price: 150€/person (including tournament fee, welcome gift, social event on Saturday evening including dinner, softdrinks etc).
Pls. register your teams until 31 of Jan. 2020 under info@deutschepadelsenioren.de.
Organizer: The DPS-Team (German Padel Seniors) wishes you all a wonderful 2020 with lots of padel!


Six Nations Masters Padel Tournament Helsingborg, Sweden

One of the original participants, Monaco, have had to withdraw and I would like to give Finland the first opportunity to replace them. The event is for men +50yrs. 3 pairs to make up a team. The other countries represented will be Ireland, England, Scotland, Sweden and Switzerland. If you would like to send a team to represent Finland please let me know as soon as possible. There is no cost to enter but players must pay for their own transport and hotels. You may also contact me by e mail bcoffey@orange.fr or Whatsapp +33 6 313 86099.

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