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Autumn of Padel in Europe (16 Oct 2013)

Finnish Padel Federation executive manager Piukku Kopiloff visited in September-October five countries in Central and Western Europe where Padel is becoming a Big Thing. She saw and was delighted with the continuous growth of the game and its culture in Luxembourg, France, Italy, Germany and Monaco.

In city-state of Monaco you could find people to play Padel with you on a street corner just by asking. One evening Piukku played with persons from seven different nationalities, proving padel is a truly an international sports.

In Berlin Piukku heard that Adidas will launch in the beginning of 2014 its own branded Padel courts, rackets and other accessories. This shows the huge interest towards the game in Central Europe.

The experiences gathered during the trip across these major European markets bring new energy also to Padel in Finland. People in other countries have started to realize that Padel is in our fine country to stay. If you are travelling abroad and cannot find Padel related contacts, do contact Piukku!

So book an hour (or two) at your nearest court and go play! The practise is needed as next year there will be new courts with new opponents and international tournaments. Check the site to keep up to date with news about Padel!

A few pictures from Piukku’s travels:


First roof Padel court opened in Finland! (5 Jul 2012)

Holiday Club Saimaa hotel and resort (near Imatra and Lappeenranta) opened the very first roof Padel court in Finland 5th July 2012. See Padel courts.

Two new outdoor Padel courts opened in Helsinki (22 Jun 2011)

Two new outdoor Padel courts have been opened in Helsinki at PadelCenter, Hernesaari

Two new Padel courts opened in Helsinki (25 Mar 2011)

Two new indoor Padel courts have been opened in Helsinki at Finland Tennis Club, Myllypuro. See other Padel courts.

Finnish Padel Championships

Yearly Padel Championship games in Finland are held usually in August. Year 2011 and 2012 ones were and will be held in PadelCenter courts in Hernesaari, Helsinki.

The official opening ceremony of Finnish Padel Federation was celebrated on Thursday, November 26h 2009 at Uudenmaankatu 7, Helsinki.

*For example, Padel is the most popular participation sports in Argentina, even ahead of football. In Spain Padel holds second place with 6 million players.

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